Spy Penguin follows the adventures of a covert team of three penguins – Rooky, Texture and Roborobo, and their quest to protect the city they love – Paris. A wave of darkness looms over, as a gang of evildoers attempt to destroy the city with every opportunity they have. Luckily for Parisians, the Spy Penguins are agents of the secret organization P.E.A.C.E. and armed with an amazing array of high tech weapons, they will stop at nothing to save the city each and every day!

Next Animation Studio’s original animation series Spy Penguin is now available on YouTube in 8 different languages: English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa, Spanish, Thai and Portuguese. Subscribe now and watch Rooky, Texture and Roborobo battle the evildoers and have fun while they are at it!

Mad Box Zombies is now available on YouTube!Next Animation Studio to attend Future Commerce.

Episode length: 2:00
Language: No dialogue
Episode completed: 57